The thirst for self-worth ignites cravings for money, position and power. Upon discovery that we are still unsatisfied, we may pursue rewards by giving of ourselves for the sake of others. At last, we are part of something larger than ourselves; something to believe in. But the throat is still parched. We turn to church for the answer. Unfortunately, merely belonging to a church is not much different than belonging to the altruistic social club. We do for others, experience good feelings; but thirst for something more. Hence, we begin our Membership class study material with our need for a relationship with God.

Our goal is that candidates:

  • Understand what it means to be saved
  • Know why baptism is important Agree with the purpose, vision and theology of Harvest
  • Are hungry for further discipleship
  • At Harvest Community Church, we invite people to visit and become loosely involved until such time as they answer the call of God to a personal relationship with Christ. We do not try to pressure or entice people to membership, because that would misrepresent what church membership is about. Church membership is a calling to a higher level of commitment to Christ and the church.
  • Church Membership is for Believers Only. 

The church is not:

  • a loose affiliation of people with roughly the same religious beliefs,
  • a building or facility,
  • a philanthropic or altruistic society.

The church is:

  • a regular assembly who profess and give evidence that they are saved by God’s grace alone, for His glory alone and in Christ alone,
  • a local, living and loving group of people committed to Christ and each other,
  • a display of God’s wisdom and glory,
  • a display of Christ-like love.

What does Church Membership Signify?

  • The church’s corporate endorsement of an individual’s salvation.
  • An individual’s commitment to grasp hold of one another in love and respect.
  • The individual member becomes an integral part of a larger body (the body of Christ) that lives and breathes to serve Christ, live in unity with each other member, and love their neighbor as themselves.

What are the Criteria for Church Membership?

  • Repentance and belief,
  • Believer’s Baptism,
  • Understanding and agreeing with the church on certain issues as outlined in the "Heart of Harvest."
  • Signing a Membership Covenant.


  • To become part of, and identify with the Body of Christ,
  • To bring myself under the Spiritual authority of the church,
  • To experience personal spiritual growth, and
  • To join in the work of the Lord.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Membership (more fully detailed in our "Membership Covenant")

  • Practice the giving and receiving of GRACE
  • Grow in the knowledge of the Lord
  • Financial support of the ministry


For more information on becoming a member of Harvest Community Church, contact us.