Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - December 19, 2018

IMG_4438Well, how are you doing with the Holiday Hussle? Life can really get complicated with all of the extras that we add, but the Good News of the Gospel is not complicated.  Christmas traditions can bring stress, but the most valuable part of Christmas is the peace that Jesus Christ brings in our lives. So, enjoy your family, your church, and worship Christ for He is the reason for the season.

Have you ever read the Bible completely through? I know, there are a lot of words in there, and some don’t enjoy reading. Well, if there is any value in reading anything -– it most certainly starts with the Bible. We are taking some steps to help and encourage our church family to read the Bible in 2019. Join us on the weekend of January 11th-13th when we kick off a five-week sermon series to help equip you to consume the most valuable and popular book ever written. And for those who struggle to read, you can pull out the audiobook card if you must.  And, that’s just the start! Get ready to reserve your seat for the February 23rd “Walk thru the Bible” event hosted at Harvest, Kittanning.  Twelve dollars gets you refreshments, lunch, refreshments again –- AND -– a complete day of the Old Testament.  Yep, Genesis to Malachi and we won’t be skipping a one. This will be one awesome day. Walk Thru the Bible events are nationally known for teaching the Bible in a very unforgettable way. Be sure to sign up online at starting January 2nd, 2019.

But I skipped right over the NEXT update that we promised you for January 4th and 6th … well, not really, I just didn’t cover it in chronological order. Tune in the first weekend in January for some new details on where we stand with some exciting things that we will see happening in 2019.

We have been working to refresh our website over the last couple months. You can expect an email shortly after Christmas that will introduce our launch for the new site. It will be accessed exactly like you do now, but it will look completely different. I plan to send a brief video your way between Christmas and New Year’s that will introduce it. We will be continuing to work on some of the pages as we go, but we wanted to get it in your hands now. I hope to revamp our pictures on the website with fresh images in the first few weeks, so check back often.

Community Groups start back up immediately after the first of the year. I plan to visit each of them in the first two months of 2019 along with Pastor Michael Harvey who will be serving as our community group coordinator going forward. So, if you’re not in a group, this is a great time to try one or two and get connected. Community Groups are our first line of defense at Harvest toward caring for our community of believers. I’m looking forward to visiting with you all.

Friday night church? Yeh, we have church on Friday nights. EVERY Friday night! Beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Kittanning Campus, and it is the same sermon as we have for all of our Sunday services. So, if things get complicated and you think you may not make it this Sunday, give Friday night a try –- I think you will enjoy it!

This weekend you can pick up our new edition of Harvest Happenings where we give you some calendar dates that you will want to mark down. Harvest Happenings comes out every six months and covers the ministry opportunities for the next six months.  January to June 2019 in one place. Don’t forget to take one home this weekend. Then, Christmas Eve services on December 24th are a little different this year. All campuses have a service at 7:00 p.m., and we added an additional one at Kittanning for 3:00 p.m. 

CRAVE Student Ministry is throwing a party … on New Year’s Eve! Students from seventh through twelfth grade will invade the Armstrong Jr/Sr High for an all nighter.  Pastor Dave has lots of plans to keep things moving all night, but he could use your help. If you want to help chaperone, contact Pastor Dave through the church office.

In His service, 

Big Fred