Big Fred's Bytes- Special Edition, July 17, 2015

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Bigfred’s Bytes
Special Edition – July 16th, 2015

God is so good and He continues to bless the ministries of Harvest in many ways. Tuesday, July 14th the Elders of Faith Community Church agreed to complete the process of becoming the 4th campus of Harvest. We have much to work through but expect that this transition will be completed on August 12th, 2015. If you could continue to pray for your Elders while they work through our transitional arrangements that will include adding a Campus Pastor for that congregation. I will be sharing more exciting details in the weeks to come as we welcome our brothers and sisters from Faith Community Church.

A Brighter Day Learning Center / Daycare is officially receiving applications for services that will begin August 31st, 2015. I want to thank all of you that have faithfully helped with the construction/painting efforts to prepare for the opening. We are grateful for your desire to serve within our church! Thank you! We are preparing a list of items that we will need to equip the center with prior to opening. I will share that list of items with the church to allow those that are interested to complete the purchase of an item via an online registry that will allow you to complete the purchase and have the items shipped to the church. When the purchase is completed, it will remove the item from the registry list. I hope to have that out early next week. We have been blessed with a family that has helped Harvest purchase carpeting for our Daycare area as well as the Activity Room at a substantially reduce cost. Thank you - again! This is the time for any interested families to register for their children to attend our Center. Questions related to registration can be emailed to EMILIY CROSSLEY or call the church office.

We are in the process of committing our Worship Team to play at the Dayton Fair next month. While we still have a few details to finalize, we expect to have a full worship team opening for the Christian band – Sidewalk Prophets on Monday, August 17th. Regular Fair admission will cover all Fair activities as well as Harvest Worship Team and the Sidewalk Prophets Concert. We will be setting up at 3 pm and starting our concert at 5pm… Sidewalk Prophets take the stage at 7 pm. So make plans to join us at the Dayton Fair as we sing praises to our Lord and invite people to join us at our Sunday Services – including our Riverfront Service in Kittanning on Aug 30th… (We also plan to have Freeport Campus joining us at the Riverfront Park Service too!) It should be an exciting time to celebrate all that God is doing in all of our Ministries!

Don’t forget to check the Prayer lists regularly online or via the Harvest Church app!