Big Fred's Bytes Special - Pastor Mike's Update (Jan. 9, 2017)



I would like to pass along some information regarding Pastor Mike’s health for those of you that did not have the opportunity to hear it in this weekend’s services. Pastor Mike’s recovery from depression is progressing and we have a video update for you attached to this email. I have had an opportunity to visit with Mike a few times during his absence and can offer my own observation that he is on the right track. He has been following the doctor’s orders and attempting to get himself healthy as quickly as he can but as we know now, that will take a little longer than a couple weeks. Your Executive Elder team has granted a medical sabbatical until mid-April to ensure that Mike has the necessary time to recover well. This is not Mike’s preference in the sense that he would much rather be back in the saddle at the church now but we would rather think of his long-term health (for him and our church) and insist that he take the necessary time now. And with that Pastor Mike agrees completely.


Pastor Mike also wanted to share this with you himself so I have attached a video loaded on our church You Tube Channel where he will tell you a little more about his recovery. But first, please watch a separate video where Pastor Tom Nelson describes his personal battle with depression in a very articulate way that will give you insight into some of what Pastor Mike has been experiencing. Be sure to watch Mike’s personal video recorded for you last week that we shared at all our services this past weekend. Please continue to pray for Pastor Mike and his family while he recovers. It is important that we continue to allow Mike to maintain privacy as he recovers. The other staff pastors are of course available to assist you as needed.


Pastor Mike’s desire is that we continue to focus our efforts, just as intently, on the mission of our church as if he was with us daily. We know that time is short and the urgency of the Gospel is at hand for all those that are not in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With that in mind, we are in the process of preparing a new sermon series from the Book of James – “Faith that Works”. This series will be preached by Pastor Fred III and Pastor Scott beginning on Friday, January 20th and continuing until Easter. Pastor Mike will resume the Timothy series when he returns. I expect that God will use this opportunity to continue to build up His Church and bring new believers into a saving relationship with Him.


Another exciting development at Harvest is that our tech team has been working hard and we are now capable of delivering the same sermon content to all locations in the same week. This will allow all campuses to follow the same preaching schedule and permit community groups to study the same text, all at the same time.


I will share an additional Bytes Update the first of next week that will contain the normal ministry updates. May God brighten your day with the hope that we receive through Christ our Savior…


In His Service



Pastor Tom Nelson explains Depression:


Mike's video: