Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes- June 8th, 2016


Big Fred’s Bytes
June 8th, 2016

Well summer is upon us and things are moving quickly. We have #Follow starting today running through 7 am on Saturday June 11th. Yes, I did say 7am – it’s an all-nighter as they bring things to a climax at 7 in the morning Saturday. This is our hybrid VBS designed especially for those 5th- 7th graders who are a little too old for Harvest Kidz ministry and not quite ready for CRAVE. This is an awesome opportunity that you want to connect your family and friends to for next year if they are not enrolled this year.
After that, the gloves are off and its full steam ahead into VBS at all four campuses! Get those kids signed up today and make sure they get one of the new T Shirts -- Each campus location and start time is listed on that link too, so join us as we “Submerge” into the Gospel for VBS 2016 at Harvest. Everyone is welcome – invitation cards are available at all campuses to give to your neighbors! (and there is still room for a few VBS staff helpers if you want to volunteer) Talk to your Campus Pastor for more details. BUT- please invite children who do not attend church to join us!

Summer Mission Trips are underway too! We have a team serving, as I write, in the Scott County mountains of Virginia. Also teams are gearing up to head to Newark, New Jersey and Guatemala in the next few weeks. Pastor Mike and his wife, Lorrie, will be joined by Isaac and Danielle John as they head off to spend 3 weeks with our 10:16 Team. They will split some time in Thailand and India during the July / August trip. And lastly for 2016, Pastor Kevin and Elder Andy Shaffer are heading into the jungles of Papa New Guinea in November where they will be working with 2 separate native tribes that the Van Der Decker families have been ministering with. Your prayers for these teams as they connect, co-labor, and teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the coming weeks are requested. But, a very important aspect of all mission trips is “What is God doing in the lives of those who are going?” We go to give the Gospel to others in many ways but some of the most important work happens in the lives of those who are going! Pray for both aspects of these trip teams please.

Harvest Happenings (July-Dec 2016 edition) will be printed next week, and we should be ready to start distributing around June 18th - Make sure you check them as soon as you get them because there are several important dates coming quickly. Here’s one – Church-wide, all campuses picnic at the Belmont Pool on Saturday July 9th! Free to all. We are inviting the community to join us. Swimming, games, food and some of your best friends. More info on that soon (Save the Date!).
Friday Night service at Kittanning has been received well. What a great alternative to Sunday mornings. Same sermon, worship, Harvest Kidz – try it, you’ll like it… Every Friday at 7 pm.

I have so much to share, but so little room to get it in here – so let’s go with “quick-fire” one liner announcements:
- SAMSON – Harvest to Sight & Sound Theater on Friday, Oct 7th (a few seats still available – email for info and reservations ASAP)

- Remember to complete your spiritual gifts assessment and list the results in your profile on My Harvest

- Add a photo of yourself /family to the profile while you’re there to help us get to know you

- Leadership Development – Talk to your Campus Pastor regarding serving opportunities, leadership development, Deacon opportunities

- Membership Classes are being scheduled for the fall – more info soon
- Summer teachers and assistants needed to make sure that the next generation has a chance to hear about the Hope through Christ that our savior offers. What is more important than that? Talk to your Campus Pastor or Harvest Kidz leaders today if you can help at all.
Thank you to Emily Crossley who has served as Director of our Daycare Ministry for the first year. She will be returning to a full-time position with the Armstrong School District in the fall. Welcome aboard to Joan Harpster who is our new Director of Daycare Ministry. Joan will be getting oriented to replace Emily, and we look forward to her joining our team.

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