Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - Sept 6th



We are looking at summer of 2017 in the rear-view mirror and rolling out our ministry efforts for the fall now.  Many of you have been very active the last several months helping to take our Harvest Kidz ministry to the next level.  Thank you all for your support, not just in helping hands and personal labor to get this done, but for your prayers and financial support that is facilitating these steps.  This weekend, Pastor Mike will help us all to understand how we can best utilize components of our new curriculum.  Parents, grandparents, teachers, and classroom assistants will find this information very valuable.

                We are asking all our church attenders/members to consider becoming involved in a community group.  This is an ideal method for us to unpack sermon points and discuss opportunities and challenges we face as we seek to live with God’s Word guiding our daily activity.  If you are not in a group, we invite you to join an existing group or find six or so people that would be willing to gather and allow us to help bring you together in a new group.  Contact our campus pastors with those opportunities, and we will try to get your group equipped.  Any day, any time, and any location that works for your group will work for us.  There will be seasons in your life that this may be a challenge, but participating in this ministry will bring many rewards.  Do your best and be blessed.

                Harvest is one church in four locations.  This is not something we just say, it is how we lead.  Our desire it to bring strong biblically based sermons each week.  Our preaching pastors start with the biblical text that they are teaching and then after much prayer, research, and study, develop the sermon with supporting illustrations that apply to our daily life challenges.  This process takes many hours of preparation each week. It is our plan at Harvest to use that sermon in all weekly worship services for that week.  We do that best using video replication.  While our services are all lead by live campus pastors at each location, our desire is for them to be freed up from individual weekly sermon preparation to dedicate more of their time to the supporting ministries in the church.  Our campus pastors do have the ability to periodically prepare and deliver individual campus sermons but that is the exception rather than the rule.  Recently, we have been working through an issue with our camera going into auto iris adjusted and auto focus mode unexpectedly.  We apologize for that and are working diligently to resolve this issue.  Your patience is greatly appreciated as we do.

                We also are a community church with a worldwide vision.  I remind you that you have had the opportunity to hear, know, and accept God’s Word because people in previous generations have taken steps to share His Word with others before us.  This is not an accident.  It is God’s plan.  Harvest is very active with missionaries around the world.  We present basic information on these relationships via our website. We desire to share their ministry details and prayer concerns with you personally but time is limited as we do.  We invite you to personally sign up for their ministry newsletters for more details and look forward to sharing key updates once or twice a year otherwise.  Over the last several months, we have seen many of you visit some of our missionaries and have personally hosted several at your homes and at our campuses.

  • Pastor Chris and family are still with us locally but will be returning soon to their ministry location with our 10:16 team.  Nate and his family have been back on location for several months continuing to advance their skills in language and cultural acquisition.  Isaac and Danielle are also on location in a language school a few hours from our team’s home base.  It is expected that within the next couple months, they will all be reunited and developing their next steps.  Be sure to sign up to receive their direct email updates.  Just a reminder that we do not disclose location detail for their safety.
  • Christian and Megan Hall have headed into Canada to attend the final phase of their preparation prior to taking an assignment with an unreached people group in about 18 months.
  • The Parrish family is back on their field in the Middle East facilitating a church plant for Russian speaking Jews.
  • Josiah and Rachel Van Der Decker spent a few weeks with us during July as they were visiting other churches to develop financial support for their work in Papa New Guinea.
  • Thilak Pappu and family also visited us while they were in the US this summer and have returned to their work in India.

I think you might see why we cannot possibly share in-depth detail on these ministries on a regular reoccurring basis.  These partners are less than a third of the Harvest partners that we work with around the globe.  I am excited that many of you have interacted personally with many of them, some have been on trips to work alongside them and so many more are actively engaged in prayer support for their efforts.  These are your missionaries and your giving at Harvest already actively supports their work. 

We have a small team heading to Israel in late September, another small team heading to India in early November 2017.  We are now planning trips for 2018 to several ministry partner locations.  Under consideration are Paraguay, Juarez Mexico, Israel, New Delhi, and a few others.  I invite you to begin prayerful consideration of your personal participation on one of the trips.  More details will be shared on them soon.

Attention anyone who knows a teenager.  CRAVE will be hosting a LIVE, national conference for Dare2Share Teen ministry.  This will happen at the Kittanning Campus on Saturday, September 23rd and is open to any church to join our local teens as they worship together, hear the gospel message and develop ideas for sharing that message with their friends.  We have seen a lot of return on participation in these ministry efforts that we have regularly traveled to northern Virginia to participate with.  In a couple weeks, they are bringing that opportunity to us.  Fun, fellowship, and good teaching should be expected…

Just a reminder to check the weekly bulletin for fall start-up details related to our recovery ministry, divorce care ministry, church membership classes, and many more.

In His service,