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Big Fred's Bytes - Sept. Edition



Summer 2010 is now a mere memory, and we have launched into our fall schedules with many things competing for your time. I completely understand the tugs you feel in many ways on your schedule and want you to know that we (your elders) keep that issue in mind as we consider many ministry opportunities. It takes a lot of planning to try to offer a variety of opportunities that include ministry for all of our church, but we encourage you to maintain the Sunday worship time first and then attend a community group as the next priority. (We could spend a paragraph explaining why that is so, but we will leave it with this: please contact me or one of the other Pastors / Elders if you wonder why). Matthew 6:33 (English Standard Version) But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

After Sunday Service and Community Group, we have a bunch of “Stuff” to share with you. By the way, if you are not in a Community Group currently ~ don’t wait any longer. Try One! See Pastor Fred ( for more info or check out the Community Group area of our web site at .

Pastor Mike’s new sermon series started Sunday, September 12th and will be going through the fall. You will want to make sure you keep up with the sermons every week as he shares the vision of Harvest and why it is so. The text will be the book of Ephesians for much of this time. The videos of all our weekly sermons are loaded onto our website now and you can watch them at any hour of the day free of charge. You may also download just the MP3 audio if you prefer to listen on your personal music players. Just go to the sermon page at and scroll to the week of your choice.

I am sure you have heard that our musically talented brothers and sisters of Harvest are already working on the Christmas Program that is entitled The Christmas Prayer and will be performed on December 3rd & 4th. You will want to put this on your calendars now as this is something you won’t want to miss.

I am sure you all know a teenager, right? What a dumb question Fred, but not really. We need you to help us connect that specific teenager and any others you know with two things:

A) The Edge Youth Ministries                B) Movie Night “To Save a Life”

Here is how you can do that! First, get them in the building at KIT on Saturday, September 18th no later than 6:30 pm. You will want to introduce the teen to Pastor Rodney or any of the staff present and they will take it from there. (for that night)

Next step, get them to some other Edge events happening at PVC & KIT. Give them a ride back and forth if needed, and see that they get involved. This is a very important age for the support of Christian family and friends. More information for both PVC & KIT youth activities can be found at .

I look forward to seeing you Sunday, and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. As I say, “The only bad questions are the ones not ask.” I will share another update next week on some other topics of interest.

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