Big Fred's Bytes - Oct 7th Edition


Fall Festivals abound and Thanksgiving is a little over a month away, but, at least, you don’t need to spend much time cutting the grass. I hope you have been learning from Pastor Mike’s series on why “Health” and “Size” of our church are important to God. Keep in mind that all sermons are available, free of charge, on our web site or by picking up a CD in the lobby of Kittanning and Petrolia Valley Campuses. Has anyone tried watching the video sermon on the web yet? If not, give it a try and please let me know how it works for you. We anticipate you will find it easy to use but you can let me know by email or connect card how that is working out.

You will find that I am using this edition of Big Fred’s Bytes to share some logistical information and emphasize some things that will be happening over the next couple weeks. Try to read it the whole way through for best results.

NEXT THREE WEEKS – pre printed name tags will be in the outer sanctuary at Kittanning. Please stop by this table and pick up your name tag and wear it while you are at church the next three weeks. PVC has hand printed tags each week and that will continue.

Here is the “why we are doing this”! – We are asking that you say HELLO to several people “by name” (secret – it will be written on their chest) during each of the next 3 weeks. Return the name badge to the table before you leave. Amy Berry and some other assistants will provide hand written name tags for those not already available and then will have their hard tag available the following week. (Please use this time to learn a few names as you also make a few new friends).

Oct 10th - Pastor Fred will be bringing the sermon this week in Kittanning while Pastor Mike visits with his family in Arizona. Pastor Mike will be in Kittanning on Oct 17th and Pastor Fred will return to PVC.

Oct 17th- “ALL HANDS ON DECK” day at Kittanning (held Oct 24th at PVC). If you consider Harvest Community Church – “your church”- please make a special effort to be in church that day. First, we will be serving communion during both services at KIT on the 17th and at PVC on the 24th. Our sermon will be related to communion. We are also making a special effort to include a few things in the bulletin related to helping us build the infrastructure of your church administration. There will be a special connect card that we will ask each person to complete. If you can think of a person you have not seen in church for awhile, this is a great time to call them and ask them to meet you at church this Sunday. Don’t forget to wear your name tag. Our “All Hands on Deck Day” will help us serve you in many ways. This will also be a great time to introduce children to their new Sunday school teachers if they have not been in class yet this year. They are doing some awesome things in those classrooms. Please COME!

Oct 24th- “Bring Your Friend Day” – We will have a special welcome gift for our visitors on this day. We are looking to help you fulfill a small part of the Great Commission (Matt 28: 18-20). Just try to find one person that does not regularly attend a church (and there are plenty – don’t worry about someone inviting your friend, just find another) and bring them with you. (In your car or theirs, it does not matter.) Then introduce them to a couple people in your church and invite them to come back next week. Also, stop and get them a name tag so we know their name too. Sounds pretty simple, right? Bring your friend Day will be Oct 31st in Petrolia Valley.

Here are a couple other quick notes:

  • A very active family in our church is in need of a vehicle; theirs completely stopped and they are not in a position to replace it for 4 months on their own. Can we help?
  • Another family is in need of some people to help put on a roof. Can we help?
  • Christmas Shoe Box Ministry info coming on Oct 24th.
  • Ladies, are you signed up for the women’s retreat yet? You do not want to miss this; there are some awesome plans for this special time for our ladies.
  • Men’s breakfast on Oct 16th at 7:30 am in the activity room (free food!!!)
  • MOPS is up and rolling – 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month – great opportunity.
  • Plans are underway for a Community Thanksgiving Meal Outreach – your help will be needed; stay tuned for details.

More information can be found on our website at

I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Send me an email at and let me know if I have confused you in any way. If you would like to help with any of the above activities, email us at or call the church office between 9-3 Monday thru Friday.


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