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Big Fred's Bytes - May 4th


Our God is an awesome God, and He reigns over all. We have a peace through our challenges that God is providential and in control. I was thinking about when Pilate was questioning Jesus after He was arrested, but before being taken to be crucified. Jesus did not immediately answer the questions Pilate was asking of Him so Pilate asked in a sense, Do you know who I am? “ I have authority over you, … to release or crucify you”. But Jesus answered him, [Rom. 13:1] “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore, [ch. 18:14, 28-32; Matt. 27:2] he who delivered me over to you See ch. 9:41 has the greater sin.” (John 19:11) We must remember that our Father in heaven does not get surprised by our troubles or out maneuvered by any of Satan’s schemes. We rest in the hands of God, our Savior, knowing that He is working through it all. Let us keep our eyes fixed upon Him.

While we have faced many challenging and sad events within our church family recently, God is doing a great work through it all in many ways.

Easter was just an awesome time that reflected our love for Christ and a heart for our communities in many ways. We saw many join us throughout the weekend services and participate in ministry opportunities. Petroleum Valley was able to offer a second Sunday morning service along with their Walk with Jesus Children’s Ministry. Freeport and Indiana campuses worshipped passionately and Kittanning added a Saturday service along with their two Sunday services and included the Walk with Jesus ministry event at all three services.

In all, we enjoyed 422 people worshipping in our Good Friday Service at all four campuses. God then blessed us with 107 people at Freeport, 1,007 at Kittanning within the 3 services, 217 at the 2 Sunday services at Petroleum Valley, and then 142 at the Indiana Sunday Service. (1,473 people including visitors and children for Easter) And I ask that you give praise to God for each and every person that came through our doors and heard the Word of God preached. I pray that we are faithful to these opportunities as He brings them to us and trust that He is working in all of our hearts through it all. May He be glorified!

We also have been consistently see our weekly Friday Night Service at Kittanning well attended. Our attendance has been between 75 and 150 weekly and we strive to offer this service to people that cannot be in any of the Sunday services. Be sure to keep this option in mind as you invite your family, friends, and neighbors to church.

Our Night of Worship went well. We had the opportunity to sing praises to God and preach His Word from the stage of our new school that will stand as an education center for our youth for years to come.

Our Brighter Day Learning Center continues to grow in number and opportunity. We are excited that we are blessed with about 45 children currently enrolled in the center which provides us an opportunity to serve and network with many families outside our church. Emily Crossley and Gail Frack have poured themselves into the children, the staff, and the families through the daily operations and it has brought many testimonies from the families impacted there. We are continuing to accept applications for teachers and qualified assistants seeking part time employment with the center. Contact the church office for more information.

We are excited but a little sad to share the next bit of news. Emily Crossley has been offered a full time position with the Armstrong School District starting this August. This a great opportunity for Emily and her family and we want what is best for her. However, that means we must begin the process of finding her replacement immediately. Don’t take this the wrong way but - her shoes are big ones!! We know God will continue to use Emily to impact many through her new position and we will be praying for God to bring the right candidate to us that will help us maintain a quality, Christ-centered, learning environment. Emily will continue to serve as Director as we prepare for our transition over the next couple months. Application deadline is May 16th for qualified candidates to apply for Director of Daycare. I have attached a Job Posting Notice and for more information, please contact the church office at 724-548-5643.

Can you believe that we are already busy with our plans for our Vacation Bible School? Well, we are and could use your help as we reach out to the youth of our communities, sharing the love and Good News that Jesus brought to us. If you can help, please contact your campus pastor.
Mark your calendars now that we are also planning a church-wide, community wide, picnic at the Belmont Complex swimming pool on Saturday July 9th. More information will be forthcoming but we hope to enjoy food, fellowship, and share in a day of fun for the entire family. Admission will be free to all that day. We hope to follow up on friendships we make during #Follow and VBS as well as seeking new friendships that we can connect to our ministry opportunities. Bring a covered dish if you can and enjoy.

Don't forget - it's not to late for you to get signed up to attend the Art of Marriage Conference at the Kittanning Campus this weekend. Visit our website for more details.

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