Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - March 26, 2020


Harvest, I want to update you on a few changes around our church before I share a couple of thoughts regarding worship services this weekend.

As you might guess, things are a little quiet around our buildings right now.  Our pastors and staff continue to work from home offices to support the key aspects of our weekly ministry.  Mike and I still meet with our campus pastors every Monday but through Zoom meeting exclusively now.  We plan our “pieces” each Monday to support the sermon that will be shared on Friday / Sunday.  Our worship team members gather Tuesday evenings to prepare/practice for the Worship set.  We record the sermon Wednesday morning and the Campus Pastor connections Wednesday afternoon.  This allows us to bring it all together the second half of Wednesday and all-day Thursday to prepare for Friday service.  Campus Pastors, elders, and other ministry leaders are working throughout the week following up with peoples needs, prayer, and continuing some of our discipleship trainings via Zoom Meetings

Our admin staff is busy on the phones, connecting people to leaders, supporting the prayer requests, and the usual paying of the bills, etc.…  We have reduced the “office hours” at the Kittanning campus to daily 10 am to 2 pm.  IF you need to contact the office, keep those hours in mind.  We have attempted to disseminate Pastor’s phone numbers the best we could to ensure you have access as needed.  The email address of the church office is checked regularly.

Overall, our area still seems to have minimal impact currently from the actual virus.  We are not taking the government’s requests lightly though.  We have seen how quick things can change, so I encourage you to stay the course and pray not only that our area is spared serious infections but for those in the hot spots to recover quickly.  I have seen so many examples of God using this time to bring people closer together and draw them closer to Him ultimately.  With so many of our distractions removed, it is a great time to focus on God’s love and “eternal” hope.

So, Let’s get ready for Worship!

We have adjusted the website to directly support the online services now.  You will see easy links to our online connect card, online giving, Kidz Church area, and the “Worship Live” service.       

  • Pastors and Support Staff worship and interact Live during every service.

  •  Chat is active now 15 minutes before & 15 minutes after each service as well as throughout each service. That is visible to “Everyone”.  Please keep your chat focused but fellowship with your church friends.

  •  If you need to speak directly with a Pastor in “Private”; Click the Prayer Link and you will go into a private area with only the pastor or support staff to care for your need.

  •  We will spend a minute or two then with anyone that has needs, but then make follow-up arrangements plans for after the service.

  •   If you prefer not to see the Chat, just maximize your screen and it goes away. (bottom right on your screen)

  •  This feed goes directly on to our Harvest Kittanning Face Book page and a pastor will be there to care for those attenders as well. Feel free to share on Face Book or even start your own “Watch Party” if you are Face Book savvy…

  •  Don’t forget to check out the Kidz Church area anytime during the week.

  •  Yes, we are planning for Easter online this year including our Maundy Thursday service where we will share communion…. Stay tuned in for those details.

 Take 15 minutes to read / reflect on Romans Chapter 8 this coming week.  Our hope is truly eternal through Jesus, the Christ.  He will sustain us through “ALL” things.