Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - June 2020


Well, it sure has been an eventful start to this decade, hasn’t it?  It is hard to believe that less than 5 months ago Pastor Mike and I were meeting in India with our 10:16 Team discussing thoughts for our future there.  Reflecting back on these last few months, I am very grateful for the commitment that you, as a church, have made over the years to continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our world in many ways - not just in our back yards but around the world.  The value of those efforts is highlighted during times like these in our society.   Jesus is the only hope that overcomes all these problems permanently.  We will continue to strive daily to share that Good News with as many people as possible, but always remember that our hope rests solely in Christ alone.  God walks with us every step we take.  Keep your eyes on Him!

ARE you ready for some good news?   We are returning to meeting for weekend worship services in the building beginning Sunday, June 7th.   (Friday June 5th is still online only for this week)

So beginning Sunday, we will gather at our normal worship times at all campuses.

ARE you ready for some more good news?  Freeport Campus is returning to Sunday morning services on that day as well.  The new time there will be 10 am every Sunday.  Freeport Campus also has a new name, now called our “Allegheny North Campus”.  That name change is a good fit to support our efforts to reach a larger community area.  We are adjusting all of our print material and website to reflect the new name.  You may see either name used over the next couple weeks, but we are still meeting at the same building at 407 Freeport Road.

Let me tell you a little about what to expect this Sunday if you worship with us at any of the Harvest Campuses.

  1.  Masks are “encouraged” but not required.  It is less about you on this and more for others so be considerate as we try to return to gathering as a church family.   Bring your own mask if you can (we have a few extras too).
  2. Coming in the front door at each campus, you can select a “RED” or “YELLOW” or “GREEN” sticker to place on your shirt near your face.  Choose your color to tell others at church YOUR comfort level for interaction: 
  • RED = I love being at church but I need to keep my distance – Please give me lots of space and avoid contact
  • YELLOW = I am ready for “high fives” or “fist bump” but not too much contact please
  • GREEN = I am comfortable with sitting closer together, handshakes, or hugs OK 
  1. Try to spread out in the seats the best you can.  Skip a row and leave a couple seats between people if they are not from your household.  Do your best to give others space…
  2. Proper handwashing and hand sanitizers should still be used.  Bring your own hand sanitizers if you have it, but we will have some available too…
  3. No Children’s Ministries or Nursery for now at any campus.  That will be adjusted as we are ready, and I will communicate more on that when we add it.
  4. No Food to share for now.
  5. No paper bulletins this week – Online link will still have all the information there.

If you are not feeling well, are running a fever, or have been in contact with people who are sick – please worship via our online services.  Our website and FaceBook Live services will continue as they have been with a moderator in each service.  Feel free to request prayer or share other needs / concerns with our online moderators who will be in contact with your Pastors following each service.   *** We are discontinuing our Sunday night online service and our mid-day Pastor devotion on FaceBook Live at this point.  ***

As we take this step to return to gathering in person, it will be very important for you to think of others.  Not everyone will be at the same comfort level as you may be.  Special circumstances and health issues may influence others to take extra precautions to mitigate COVID concerns.  Loving them, respecting their needs /thoughts, and supporting them in that position is important.  This is a transitional process to return to normal activities – not just flipping a switch, so please respect all of our brothers / sisters in Christ by following these guidelines.
These guidelines may be adjusted to fit our needs weekly based on the specific situation at each separate campus.  Your Campus Pastor will communicate those details as the summer progresses.

Other News:

Thank you to all who supported the “Thank a Hero” effort – we really appreciate the work of those serving on the front lines of the COVID Crisis, and you helped Harvest express that thank you to 233 individuals!

First of three Milk/Dairy deliveries went well last week.  We have two more scheduled right now (week of June 9th and June 23rd) – Thank you church for helping to get the 1800 gallons of milk and dairy products into the hands of those who need it.

Our July 24th – 26th camp meeting is now officially named the Harvest Jamboree!  The weekend will be full of worship, preaching, Bible studies, food, games, camping and more.  Teams and details are developing now, and we will share more on that real soon.  We will also hold a church information session at the Harvest Jamboree where we will share more information on our renovation project and acknowledge our Elders, Deacons, Teachers, and other leaders around all campuses. Make your plans now to join us on that weekend.  

Please continue to check our prayer wall for updates on all prayer needs and add a special emphasis to be in prayer for our country, our community, the leaders and people as we seek to heal many wounds from recent months.  Our challenge is to bring love, promote understanding and respect for others “through” the differences we face.