Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes -- January 17, 2019

NEAL-FRED-43Well, to say we have been busy around Harvest is definitely an understatement.

Pastor Michael Harvey and I have been visiting our community groups and it has been such a joy to spend a few hours with many of you during the week. We look forward to continuing those visits in the coming weeks. You all are awesome.

Our five-week sermon series on the value of being in God’s Word is off and running.  There are many ways to join us in our desire to read through the Bible in 2019. Any way that works for you is best. We have distributed reading plans at all the campuses, and don’t forget that you can download the “YouVersion” app from any of the app stores. It is free! So, yes there are still some free things in this world, and one of the most valuable things you can get is God’s Word.

Have you checked out our updated website? has a fresh look. If you have problems locating things, don’t forget the search button on the bottom of the home page. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type in a few key words.  Another feature is the “Sign Me Up” section … click there and you can enroll & pay registration costs for all of our ministry events.  So that means, if you want to attend the “Walk through the Bible” event on Feb. 23rd, just select that event from the “Sign Me Up” list, and you are on your way to reserving your seats. 

There are still a few things that we are working to transfer into the new site, but I think you will find that most features are there and ready to use. The interactive calendar is still needing some attention. Be sure to email the church office at or call 724.548.5643 if you need assistance.

So starting this week, you will be able to join us for a Sunday evening service held only at the Freeport Campus. Live preaching there will be identical to the other weekend worship services, and we will meet every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Freeport Campus is located at 407 Freeport Road, Freeport. You can check our website for all service times/locations. 

Snow? I heard that we are expecting snow this weekend. Well, not bad that we made it to mid-January before we had any serious snow forecast. What about our weekend services? They are a go! While some may not be in a position to travel, others are. So we plan to be ready for you if you can make it. We have a whole team of people who clear the way and clear the snow. On the rare occasion that we can’t pull that off -– we will send out an email, post a notice on our website homepage and post to facebook so that you are aware of the change. But in general, plan to come if you can safely do so, and we will be ready. Community Groups and mid-week events usually communicate those changes directly to those involved.

Mission Trips – more info on our 2019 trips will be out soon. Stay tuned in for those details.  

 – AND –

Be sure to save the date for our Disaster Response Training starting on Friday March 22nd at 5:00 p.m. and continuing till 4:00 p.m. on Saturday March 23rd This training will be appropriate for anyone who would be interested in participating in our Disaster Response Efforts. There is a job for everyone.

Be sure to pray for the team heading out to the Lower Burrell area to plant Redemption Church. We see God working in the hearts of those willing to go … you can keep up with Pastor Fred and the team by going to We are excited to see how God uses them in that community.

This weekend we kick off our Sanctity of Life effort and TLOT effort for Life Choices.  “TLOT” stands for “the least of these.” You can check out their recent video at  Pick up a baby bottle for your donations at all of this weekend’s services. We have added a special selection under “GIVE” on our website to support Life Choices during this effort as well. 100% of all money received in the bottles or under that selection on the website will go to Life Choices directly.

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