Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes -- February 19, 2019

NEAL, PASTOR FRED HeadshotI would like to take a few minutes and introduce you to a few new staff members at Harvest. 

First, Elizabeth Harvey (wife of Pastor Michael Harvey) will join our A Brighter Day Learning Center Staff in June as the director of the center. Elizabeth has served as a teacher and part of the administrative staff at Evangel Heights Christian School for many years. Elizabeth will be finishing the academic year at Evangel Heights before joining Harvest as a full-time director. Elizabeth and her husband, Michael, will be transferring to our Petroleum Valley Campus soon.

Currently, Brianna Boylan is serving as acting director until Elizabeth’s arrival.  Brianna has been a part of our daycare staff since May of 2016 and will return to her position of head teacher in our 4-/ 5-year-old class in May/June of 2019.

Carly Land has been serving as worship leader at our Freeport Campus since Nick Greiner’s transition to the sunny and warmer climate of South Carolina last summer.  Carly will be joining our administrative support team during the week as well as continuing to lead worship at the Freeport Campus on Sundays. Carly and her husband, Will Land, are actively part of our Freeport Campus.

Drew Killeen has started serving as our full time media / IT technician. Drew joins us from Saving Grace Church in Indiana where he was an active volunteer with their media team. The complexities of this position are enormous, but we think that Drew is up to the task. He will be making his way to each campus periodically to help equip and train our volunteer teams there as well as take the lead on keeping our equipment working properly.

Chris O'Donnell joined our administrative support team last fall in a part-time capacity and has been actively working on the re-launch of our church website as well as updating several of our supporting documents for the church. 

One such project that Chris was working on is our Heart of Harvest which was in dire need of cleaning up from changes made over the years. As a non-denominational church, this document provides information to you on where Harvest stands on many topics important to a Christian. One of the distinctives that I want to draw your attention to is how we prioritize many of the topics under Absolutes, Convictions, and then Traditions / Preferences. The distinctions between these categories have caused many Christians to divide over the years. At Harvest, I think it is important that we clarify what we will take a strong stand on and those topics where we are much more willing to discuss and even support a variety of views. If you have questions after reading the Heart of Harvest, do not hesitate to ask your campus pastor or any of our staff or elders for information.

I know, I know, many of you have been asking how you can still get your tickets for the Walk Thru the Bible event this Saturday. Well, sorry to say, we are sold out. If you already have your tickets, GREAT! We will be working through our waiting list as we get any cancellations. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. and everything starts at 9:00 a.m. … coffee and refreshments will be available as you enter but seats are not reserved. So, don’t let it go until the last second if you want to sit with your community group -– show up in time to have a good seat selection.

Don’t forget to sign up early for our Disaster Training in March –- We can only have 60 people in the training class. Chain saws are not required! More details on this training can be found at SBC Training.

Well, I introduced you to several of our new staff / leaders at the beginning of this newsletter. I will use the last section to say, “Thank you!” to those who are heading out as part of the church planting team at Redemption ChurchYou guys will be missed!  “However,” we are excited for what God is doing to increase the health and size of “His” church –- everywhere, including Lower Burrell. I may miss some names here, but God won’t! So, Pastor Fred & Kim, Greg & Jocelyn, Andy & Christy, Ray & Stephanie, Bill & Alyssa, Sean, Gabby, Dan & Sue, and Dan & Jasia -– our prayers for your ministry will continue. Make God richly bless you and all those wonderful members of the next generation who are going with you. Thank you for your years of investment at Harvest!