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Big Fred's Bytes - COVID-19 UPDATE



We have just concluded an elder meeting during which we discussed the evolving details of the COVID-19 situation.  I would like to share some brief details that summarize our position:

 All Harvest Services and Ministries are open and on schedule.  If that ever changes, I will notify the church via email, website, and Facebook messages.  You should know that we plan to remain open if legally permitted and appropriate. 

 We have greatly increased our cleaning of all facilities.  This includes during all worship services and ministry events including childcare / day care.  We actively monitor the CDC, Pa Department of Health, Pa Department of Education, and others for their ongoing bulletins and updates and will make appropriate adjustments daily.

  We are working to add an additional “Live Stream” to our service options starting Friday March 20th.  I will communicate more details on that later this week.  We would encourage you for good reason to see gathering for worship, prayer, and biblical instruction a top priority.  That is not just during times of extreme challenges but should be a lifestyle decision.  But for now, we will just work with your plans during this time of extreme challenging circumstances. 

  1.  We have six weekly worship services listed on our website.  Be at one of those if possible as a first choice.
  2. Starting March 20th, if you can not attend a weekly gathering, commit to a live stream service.  They will include the entire service including worship and prayer.  We are planning to assign a pastor that you can interact with as needed there as well.
  3. If those two options don’t work for a particular week, visit our sermon archive for the weekly sermon video available via website and Harvest app 24 hours a day.

 If you are sick, stay home during that time and move to option 2.  When you feel better and are not displaying symptoms, return to the weekly worship gatherings.

 Comply with 20 second- hand washing instructions, cough into your elbow instead of your hand, and consider other steps to personally do your part to minimize the potential transfer of germs.

 Our need to support our mission and ministries only increases during these times.  Our field missionaries and church staff are working longer, harder, and being stretched thinner…  So, our request is to continue your financial support as much as possible and if you have the ability, take it to another level.  We know God’s provisions are more than we will ever need.  We will strive to be good stewards of all that He provides, and He usually does that through all of us, the Church.

 Opportunities will present themselves over the coming weeks to share our faith, our hope, and our trust in God caring for us daily – moment by moment.  That may not always look like we might like it to but step in – step up and hit your knees.  He will guide you and guide us.  We seek to care for His people, minister to the sick, teach about His eternal hope, and we would like you to join us as we do.

Pastor Michael Greiner   ….Cell 724-859-4192

Pastor Fred Neal        Cell 724-664-9962

Pastor Kevin Giddings Cell 724-525-3342

Pastor Scott Rising      Cell 724-902-0068

Pastor Michael Harvey   Cell 724-234-5109

Pastor Andy Sommers  Cell 302-448-6686

Pastor Rodney Miller   Cell 724-859-6828

Pastor Matt Cooper  Cell 412-818-1922

Gail Frack                   

Elizabeth Harvey    

Church Office  -  and landline 724-548-5643  (M-F 8:30 to 3:30)