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Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - Christmas 2016



Christmas is a time that we often give many gifts. We follow a tradition that Christ gave to us first. His sacrificial gift is the best gift of all. I am sure that many of you have family members or friends that know little about that gift and what it really means to willingly receive this gift that Jesus Christ presented on our behalf, some 2000 years ago. And just maybe, you yourself, have never received this gift I am speaking about. If that is the case, I would like to offer you, your family, or your friends an opportunity to learn more about the gift of Jesus this Christmas season. We have several services between now and Christmas Day that you are invited to attend. We have Pastors, Elders, and many others that will be available at all our services that would love to help you understand more about Christ. This is the most valuable gift anyone can receive and it is also the most valuable gift that you can share with others. Look for a service that you can attend and ask anyone there to point you toward one of our Pastors or Elders. Let them know you would like to hear more about this gift that Christ has offered to you.


Here is a list of times for our services at each campus. I hope you can attend at least one and I look forward to hearing that you, or someone you know, has now received that gift I am speaking about.



Candlelight Eve – Sat Dec 24th at 6:30 pm
Christmas Day – Sun Dec 25th at 11:00 am


Candlelight Eve – Sat Dec 24th at 6:30 pm
Christmas Day – Sun Dec 25th at 10:30 am


Candlelight Eve – Sat Dec 24th at 6:30 pm
Christmas Day – Sun Dec 25th at 10 am


Candlelight Service – Fri Dec 23rd at 7 pm (with Harvest Kidz program)
Candlelight Service - Sat Dec 24th at 5 pm and 7 pm (with Harvest Kidz programs at both)
Christmas Day – Sun Dec 25th at 10am till 11 am (No Harvest Kidz service)


After Christmas, we have 24 young adults heading to Indianapolis on Tuesday December 27th for the CROSS conference. This is a time for them to focus on the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus with the 2 billion unreached people in our world. They need to hear, but someone has to tell them.
Unreached People
Time is Short.
Christian Students
Jesus Says, “Go.”
People keep our young people in your prayers next week as they consider how they may participate in the Great Commission.


We are making final arrangements for our CRAVE New Year’s Eve lock in. We expect about 200 teenagers to spend the night at the Kittanning Campus as they ring in the New Year together. It’s not too late for you to include teens you know to join the party. Visit our “Events Registration” on our website or from our new Harvest App – registration and payment can be made there by selecting CRAVE NYE Party.


As we give many gifts over the next week, I would like to encourage you to consider an extra gift to our church. Our ability to continue to reach out in so many ways is dependent upon our finances. We appreciate your generosity throughout the year and will continue to reach out with the resources that we have available. But they are all dependent upon your support. If you are able to take that extra step of support, you may visit our website or Harvest App giving options today or send your contribution to the church office at 143 Reed Road, Kittanning PA 16201. All gifts received by 2:30 pm on Friday December 30th will be receipted and included in 2016 giving statements. They will be mailed out in mid- January for tax purposes. Thank you again for your generous financial support that keeps our ministries reaching out around the clock, 365 days each year.


I look forward to sharing some of our exciting plans for 2017 with you soon. We have a fresh and up-to-date copy of Harvest Happenings ( January through June, 2017) for everyone to take home after our services this weekend. Be sure to pick one up on your way out and start plugging in the events on your new calendar.


Merry Christmas from all of us at Harvest Community Church.