Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - Aug. 22



The idea of a solar eclipse is cool, but as I write this, it is happening and just doesn’t seem to be any more than a passing storm cloud here in Worthington.  This, along with the others that I have experienced, always seem a little anti-climactic after the news channels’ hype.  We know that won’t be the case when Jesus returns.  There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that our Lord God is Lord of lords and King of kings at that moment…  Until then, we keep sharing His Word and pointing people toward Him.

Can you say “Reaching Higher”, for our “Next Generation”? Our effort to develop engaging environments is coming together at all campuses.  While our plans have run into a few little snags, things are working out fine, and we are looking forward the renovations wrapping up sometime in September (give or take a week or two) at all campuses.  Our new curriculum roll out is underway, and we will be updating parents on what to expect and how to take advantage of the components in the coming weeks.  Our kidz are loving it, and we have heard several testimonies of how engaged the children are with the bible lesson.  Pastor Mike will share an update on how parents can connect with their children’s weekly lesson during the next few weeks.

We are still looking for a few homes to host an international student over Labor Day weekend.  PRISM is an opportunity for our families to learn more about a new culture as well as share our culture with the new student.  They are usually graduate students coming in to Carnegie Mellon University and Pitt for the upcoming school year.  We are scaling the size of the event back just a little but not our intensity.  Our plan is to bring about 15 students to Kittanning on three different weekends a year, each time hoping for different families and different students.  Of course, you are not limited to that plan – once you meet them, you can invite them back any time you like.  We look forward to welcoming the students to join our worship service with their host family on those weekends.  We will transport the students into Kittanning on Saturday September 2nd, arriving around noon and returning them to Pittsburgh around 1:30 pmon Sunday September 3rd this year.  So for just a little over 24 hours of your time, you can help impact their lives for eternity, and I’m sure you will be blessed beyond measure too.  Just ask those that have already hosted a student.  The Labor Day picnic at the Rupp’s Camp is still on, just planning to be a little smaller than in the past.  We are planning to invite students around Thanksgiving and Easter as well this year.  Mark your connect card or email Marion in the church office for more info…  I am willing to meet with families that have questions about what to expect before they commit.  Get your name in as soon as possible to reserve a guest student.  Sign me up for a student!

Baptism is important – Jesus modeled it for us in Matthew 3: 13-17.  We are still able to discuss the potential for you to join our Believer’s Baptism this coming Sunday – August 27th, 2017.  Contact me for Baptism please! 

And this is just a part of what to expect when you join us this coming Sunday at the Kittanning Riverfront Park for Church.  All four campus buildings will be quiet as we gather together in the Amphitheater in Kittanning.  Bring seat cushions, chairs, sunblock, blankets, towels, hats, or anything you will need as our service will begin promptly at 10 am.  One service only – but all together now!  Harvest Kidz Zone opens at 11:45 am   / River Baptism starts at 11:45 am  / Picnic Lunch opens at 12:30 pm and we will make sure you get to eat if the baptism runs over.
So bring a covered dish if you can, …  Last Name starts with A thru O is a non-dessert side.  Last Name starts with P thru Z could bring a dessert side.

We can use lots of help to pull things together starting around 8 am.  Meet at the Kittanning campus or in Riverfront Park.  We will need some trucks to haul tents, tables, chairs, garbage cans and much more to and from the Park.  Pop up canopies are helpful too.  Café, Greeters, Safety, Harvest Kidz, food set-up help also needed.  

Get to know people from the other campuses and have fun as we worship together.  Pastor Mike will share a sermon regarding the importance of the Gospel to all.  Invite family, friends and neighbors as this is a great time to get to know Harvest.

Finally, I just want to leave you with a word of encouragement toward our next sermon series.  Starting with our fall kickoff on the weekend of September 8th & 10th; Pastor Mike will present a series that will focus on God’s Plan for us.  Join us weekly as we unpack the bible texts that address men and women in our world today.  Starting from the beginning, what was God’s plan for us?  How does that impact our lives today?   Don’t forget, this will also be the kick-off for community groups for the fall.  This will allow us to discuss and examine biblical support for these topics.  If you are not in a community group yet, signups will be available at the Park Service too.