Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - April 3, 2020

NEAL, PASTOR FRED HeadshotChurch, You are awesome! So many of you have helped reach out and minister to so many others during the last couple weeks.  Locally, things seem to be getting a little more active with COVID cases, but we are praying and relying on God’s strength going forward.  I have a lot to cover so please forgive the abbreviated sentences.

       Online services have been improving within our technical delivery side.  Some problems are out of our control; - i.e. Extremely high internet use nationally (later Sunday mornings are likely to continue and even become more difficult for Easter).  Keep on trying but another thought is to try our Friday Night or Sunday Night services at 7 pm.  WHAT, you didn’t know?  Harvest is adding a 7pm service Sunday nights to help spread out the options…  Tell your friends, invite your family, put it on twitter and Facebook:  our weekly services are now:   
(log in 15 min before to say – Hey there)
Friday @ 7pm
Sunday @ 9am
Sunday @ 11am
Sunday @ 7pm  ---- New addition!
I am going to share a couple stats to let you know how things are going and how you, as a church, have been reaching others for God’s glory:
Friday night, 3/20 we saw (490 devices) log into the service and (390 devices) for Sunday AM 3/22
Friday 3/27 we saw (199 devices) and then Sunday 3/29 (412 devices)
We are also adding a Facebook Live Devotional with our Campus Pastors.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 1 pm.  Join them through our Harvest Facebook page – that is open and available to anyone so invite others here too!
Wednesday Bible Study at 1 pm – on Facebook Live to – about 30-40-minute study.
Here is a big one; we plan to do the Walk with God class via ZOOM online.  So, we need you to sign up for this one and we will send you a Zoom link and a passcode to enter the class. 

Pastor Scott and Pastor Kevin will lead you through the first global – “Walk with God” class online.  Pastor Andy and Pastor Michael will be there too.  Click here to sign up via our online connect card link
Don’t forget to check the Prayer Wall online by clicking “Need Help” tab on our website and access the “Prayer Wall”  - You can share you prayer requests at all services by clicking Live Prayer or visiting the prayer wall any time.   BUT – AND – ALSO – please pray for those requests regularly. 
Right Now Media is a free Christian Library that you have access to for online bible studies and videos.  Here you go:
EASTER - all four services on Easter Weekend will have Pastor Mike’s Easter message.  But first, we also plan to celebrate Maundy Thursday globally via our Harvest Live link.  So, join us next Thursday at 7 pm for worship and then Pastor Mike will share a special Maundy Thursday message and we will have communion near the end of the service – But this is a (BYOB) Bring your own Bread service.  Prepare your communion elements before the service and then join us to celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ together as Pastor Mike leads us through that important time. 
See you soon!