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Big Fred's Bytes

Big Fred's Bytes - April 18th Edition

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Are you registered for the Relationships Conference yet? It is not too late, but the day is drawing near, and you won’t want to miss this. Friday April 27th (7-10pm) & Saturday April 28th (9-12noon)
Have you ever thought, “I wish I was a better friend…” – “I wish our marriage relationship was better…” – “I would like our family to get along…”

Well, this opportunity is for you. This is not just a conference that will help you in one area of your life, but you will find crucial tools for all of your relationships. The conference will feature speaker and author Tim Lane who is part of CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation).

SO, put down the phone or the controller and sign up. We will meet Friday night from 7pm to 10pm and then finish up Saturday morning 9am to noon. That’s it. You can sign up on our web site at or call the church office if you are having any difficulties.

Do you know a teenager who is not attending our youth services/events. “CRAVE” meets every Monday at 7pm at the Kittanning Campus. This is a great time to encourage them to attend. They will be heading to an Acquire the Fire event in Pittsburgh on May 4th & 5th. They will also be sharing plans for the youth mission trip coming up in just a couple months. Contact Pastor Dave for additional details at

Would you like to know a little more about Harvest Community Church and the beliefs that we are committed too? At Harvest Community Church, we take membership very seriously. Don't get me wrong on that, you are welcome to attend all services and activities. But church membership is more than just coming by the church - it is committing to being a part of it. We will discuss that topic and many more during our new member class. This class will last 13 weeks and be led by Jack Bowser starting April 29th at 11 am. Class and materials are free. This class is not just for people already willing to commit to membership, but it is designed to help you consider "Why is membership in a church important?" Anyone is welcome to attend the class and decide for themselves after the class is over. I encourage you to attend first service before coming to class during second service for the next 13 week. We do not require perfect attendance to be eligible for membership, but you will want to make a majority of the classes. Just mark your connect card or send me an email, and we will add you to the class list. This class will be held in the meeting room at the Belmont Complex, just over the hill from the Kittanning Campus building. More directions will be provided to those who register for the class.

The Petrolia Campus continues to develop and grow in many healthy ways. They are just about to finish a membership class there and plan to start a Youth Ministry in the very near future. This Friday, April 20th at 7pm, they will have a family movie night as they plan to have some fun and enjoy some carry in snacks while watching the new Muppets Movie. You are welcome to join them. They are also looking for people willing to serve during their VBS this summer. VBS is a one day a week, out in the community ministry that drew up to 50 people at a time last summer. If you can commit to serving with them this summer, email for details.

Child Dedication Services will be held on May 6th for parents who are willing to commit to maintaining a Christian home and relationship for their children. You may mark your connect card for more information or email

I hope that you have been experiencing an increase in your ability to fellowship before and after our Sunday services in the newly renovated fellowship area. I encourage you to take the opportunity to meet others who attend Harvest and get to know them a little better. Our café is provided fee free and is meant to cultivate relationship building. Keep in mind that as you look for friends, the first step is to be friendly yourself. There have been many positive relationships built during this time of conversation and care. We are not planning to add room furnishings for a few months to allow for financial planning to cover that need. Again, I encourage you to catch up with some old friends and look for some new ones Sunday before and after each service.

We have scheduled our next Harvest Community Church Information Meeting for Sunday, May 6th after the second service at the Kittanning Campus. More info will be coming soon related to the food and plans for our time together, but I hope you will be able to attend. I want to take this opportunity to say that your Pastors and Elders are always interested in talking with you regarding the ministry of Harvest Community Church. While circumstance may require us to focus within the resources we have, we always look to think through other opportunities and suggestions along the way. We look forward to our opportunity to share this information.