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Big Fred's Bytes -- April 17, 2019

NEAL, PASTOR FRED HeadshotWhat are you doing Thursday night?

This Thursday,  Harvest will come together to reflect on what Christ was doing some 2000 years ago. That night set into motion one of the most historic and important weekends we could ever imagine. Join us for Maundy Thursday services at any of our 4 campuses (all starting at 7:00pm).

What’s next is the Good News! He has risen indeed! Easter Services at all campuses at our regular service times. Bring your family and friends and reflect on eternity “with Christ”.

We are getting close to finishing our revamped membership class and will be preparing those materials for a Fall 2019 rollout. If you are interested in membership at Harvest Community Church, this will be a great time to take the step. We want to help you understand and get plugged into the church family. We hope you will consider taking that step, and we trust that it will cultivate many relationships to strengthen your walk with Christ.  (More details to follow.)

I don’t know about you all, but I learned many things the hard way. Making mistakes, messing things up, and then trying to figure out how I can get myself (or my family) out of the holes I created. One of the most difficult ones I faced was finances. There was just not enough money at times for what we owed. Gratefully, things are not as rough in that area as they once were but boy did I learn a lot along the way. “If I had only known …  “ was a common thought. We are trying to help all of our families position themselves to reduce that learning curve and potentially position themselves to enjoy some peace of mind in this area. Bryan Hodil and Brad Cellier will be leading a 7 week study “I was broke, Now I’m not”. Sign up this weekend on your connect card for the class starting next week. You will enjoy identifying steps you can start to change your situation immediately. (And it is fun too.)

In the fall, we will be adding another segment to this area of discipleship that will focus understanding your needs for wills, power of attorney, trusts and much more. All these efforts are designed to help you understand the steps and resource you to take steps as you are ready.

Fatherless children are some of the most “at risk” in our society. I could share many statistics to back that up, but let’s leave that for another day.  Man-UP Pittsburgh is a ministry of Urban Impact and seeks to bring men into relationships with those children – one child at a time. We can make a difference in our communities in this area of need too. Join us on June 8th for a day that equips the men to impact this need and to lead as God intended.

NEXT Initiative may be a new concept for some of you who are rather new to Harvest.  This initiative kicked off in May of 2018 and is designed to help our church pursue our NEXT Steps. During our services on May 31st / June 2nd, we will share details of how things are progressing. Pastor Mike is very excited by the progress and potential coming our way.

In May, our Big Fred’s Bytes will have a new look as we will move to a newsletter format. We are experimenting with that as well as hoping to include some small video clips within the newsletter. I am interested in hearing your feedback.

Happy Easter,


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