Short-Term Missions

Short-Term Missions

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!" (Isaiah 52:7)

Are you interested? There are many ways to get involved with Harvest's short-term mission trips! (Please see, below, some of our past mission trips.)

Short-Term Mission FAQs:

1.  How do I prepare for a short-term mission trip, and what can I expect?
Most questions about how to prepare for, and what to expect, are answered in our Short-Term Mission Orientation Booklet. We conduct trip orientation sessions prior to every trip we take to help prepare all participants.

2.  How do I apply? 
Everyone who goes on a short-term trip through Harvest Community Church must complete the Short-Term Mission Trip Application form.

3.  Can I lead a short-term trip?
Leading a short-term mission trip requires experience and leadership. If you would like to be considered to lead or co-lead a trip, complete page 8 of the Short-Term Mission Trip Application.

4.  How are the trips funded?
Most trips are self-funded by the individuals going on the trip. We do allow fund raising through letters requesting support. We have an instruction packet and sample letters to help you raise support. See the Short-Term Mission Support Letter Guidelines and Samples Packet. In some cases, we have financial aid available through scholarships. These are need-based and can be applied for by contacting one of the pastors or elders.

5.  What if I have other questions?
We will be happy to walk you through the process of preparing for a short-term mission trip. Click here to contact us.  

Preparing for Your Short-Term Mission Trip

Click on the following links to learn more about our missions, and how to join us!

Booklets, Applications, Forms & More!



Learn More: Read Our Short-Term Mission Trip Orientation Booklet


Essential preparation information for short-term mission trips.

Complete Participant Application


Required for all participants applying to go on a trip, including those considering a leadership role. This form must be notarized.

See Support Letter Samples and Guidelines


Information guidelines on raising support for your trip and sample support letters.

Download Sample Support Letter


Short-term mission trip support letter template in Word format.

Apply for a U.S. passport


Online forms, see instructions online for completion, delivery.

Understand Short-Term Mission Trips Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)





Recent Trip Highlights

Paraguay, 2018

2018 Pauraguay Mission Trip

Israel, 2017 


Guatemala, 2016 

Guatemala 2016– Image 1 of 31


CRAVE, Newark, New Jersey, 2016 

Crave Newark, NJ 2016– Image 1 of 25


Washington, D.C., 2014 

Washington 2014– Image 1 of 9


Thailand, 2014 

Thailand 2014– Image 1 of 29


Youth Trip, Montana, 2014  

Youth Trip to Montana 2014– Image 1 of 25


Paraguay, 2013 

Paraguay 2013– Image 1 of 29


CRAVE, Newark, New Jersey, 2013  

CRAVE Newark, NJ 2013– Image 1 of 13


La Senda, Guatemala, 2011 




Disaster Relief Team, Joplin, Missouri, 2011




Africa, 2009
See videos here.