Harvest Connect

Here are some other online tools we are currently upgrading or looking forward to using.  These tools will help all of us share Harvest with more folks online.  If you have questions, contact us.

Facebook Fan Page 

We will have two areas on Facebook.  One will be our current Facebook Friend Page and the second will be the fan page, which we can display on our website.  One will be used for friends of Harvest and the other for the website.  Click the link above to let folks know you're a fan of Harvest.  Having both will give all of us two ways to promote Harvest on FB.  Become a fan today!

My Harvest

My Harvest is a new way to stay up to date and connect with all of the folks and happenings here at Harvest.  We also see this as a way of making communication and collaboration among our ministry teams more helpful.  Click on the My Harvest link above to sign up and get started.  Signing up will allow you to connect more and on a deeper level with the people and happenings at Harvest.  If you'd like a little training on what to do after signing up and on the engine that runs My Harvest, please click on The Guide for New Users, or see this Welcome video.


Vimeo is where we'll store all of our videos that you can share with others.


Flickr is where we'll store Harvest pics we want to share with others.  If you have some pics you've taken at some Harvest event, let us know and we may add it to our Flickr gallery.


If you want to be added to text announcements from Harvest, contact us.