Big Fred's Bytes - Leap Day Edition

Big Fred Neal 1

It has been a privilege to witness God working in the lives of our church family. I see evidence daily of the growth within our church body. Each Sunday, we meet new people who have been searching for opportunities to worship with a body of believers such as you. We also find many who are hurting or searching for understanding in their specific situation. It takes a church to minister to all of the opportunities that come our way. As we prepare for the common surge in church attendance during Easter, I encourage each of you to ready yourself to participate in growing the health and size of our church.

We seek your participation each week to meet the people who come through our doors. We soon will share details concerning our Easter services and encourage you to invite others to church. However, before we do that, I ask you to help us meet the needs of those we already are reaching. This Sunday, look for people who you may not know and introduce yourself to them. Ask them if you can pray for anything special with them. Look for ways to help them. Invite them to your community group or connect them to the information desk to help them find the information they may need. In sum, take the time to meet the people inside our church and be a part of their lives. You will likely receive more than you are giving. Share Matthew 11:28-30 and allow God to show you the application point in that passage as you do. We are asking you to come to church and help be a part of the church too. We will all be in need of this help from time to time.

Please continue to lift our Thailand Team in your prayers daily as they move into the second week in country. We will share more details of their ministry when they return. There is still time to be considered for the Guatemala Mission Trip in July. If you are interested, applications and deposits are due by March 18th and we hope to finalize the 12 participants by March 23rd. This will be a trip into the orphanage operated by Steve and Pam English that is also teaching English to the young people of that region. You can find more information on all of our missionaries through clicking the “missions” tab on our home page and following the links available.

Thank you to all who served during Peggy Reitler’s funeral. We have been asked to extend a “Thank You” to all who served and comforted the family and friends during this difficult time. Please keep the Reitler family in your prayers during their grieving and time of adjustments.

On March 24th, all ladies are invited to an Easter Celebration Brunch in the Fellowship Area of the Kittanning Campus. Please bring a covered dish to share with others. Drinks will be provided. You may sign up by visiting their table in the Fellowship Area or mark your connect card for the event. Again, it will be Saturday, March 24th from 10am to noon.

We are currently in need of people who are willing to help provide a ride to church for those without transportation. We are also looking for people to serve with our First Impressions Team to help seat our visitors, our late comers, or those with special needs during the services. If you are willing to commit to helping meet these needs, please mark your connect card, and we will contact you.

I want to thank you for taking the time to share the information on the green data sheets with us. It will be very helpful in improving our methods of serving you in the future. I will try to share some summary details in a future newsletter. Keep in mind, our online church directory is available be clicking on the “My Harvest” link at the bottom of the Harvest web page. If you are still learning your way around within the My Harvest section of our website, check out the videos available at the “Help” link. Check out the “people” help-videos there.

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